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Environmental Friendly, Acid Free, Wafer Stripping Process

USA Based

USA Based

100% EH&S Compliant to US Based Law.

Green Energy

Green Energy

Protect Environment from Pollution Issues

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

How much to sell. When to sell. How to package.

Going Green Is Easier Than You Think with Silicon 2 Solar

Hire us for solar panel installations, de-installations and recycling in Boise, ID

Converting your Boise, ID home or business to solar energy can have a number of benefits. You can reduce your energy bill, increase your property value and protect the environment. If you’re ready to install a solar panel on your home or business, contact Silicon 2 Solar in Boise, ID.

At Silicon 2 Solar, we take care of your solar panel installation and deinstallation needs. We have a background in recycling silicon wafers. Now we’ve transferred that knowledge to doing the same for solar panels. You can depend on us to safely install and take down your solar panels. Call us at 208-859-1990 to learn more about what we can do for you.

Let us deal with your solar panels

Our professionals can expertly handle your solar panels. Our services include:

We can also upgrade your solar panel system to meet the needs of your home. Contact us today to make sure your solar panels are up-to-date.

Don’t throw your solar panels away

Like any piece of technology, solar panels have a limited lifespan. They can also be damaged. If your panels are broken or out-of-date, we can break them down and reclaim the material. We can also resell the panels to wholesale buyers and distributors. Talk to us today to get rid of your solar panels in a responsible way.


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