What Should You Do With Your Outdated Solar Panels in Boise, ID?

What Should You Do With Your Outdated Solar Panels in Boise, ID?

Call Silicon 2 Solar to recycle them for you

Do you need to upgrade your solar panels to fit the needs of your home? While you’re shopping for a new system, call Silicon 2 Solar in Boise, ID to recycle your old panels for you.

Solar panels can’t just be thrown in a landfill. Instead of trying to figure out how to recycle all of the pieces, let our experts do it. We’ll gather the solar paneling and recycle the pieces. We can totally strip the panels apart to correctly recycle all of the materials.

Silicon 2 Solar specializes in removing solar panels from remote solar farm locations throughout the US. All regions of the country can be very effectively and professionally serviced. S2S handles all aspects of the removal, coordinating all logistics, properly handling/packaging hazardous broken panels and debris that may be on-site, appropriately transporting all materials to a Silicon 2 Solar location using utilizing licensed/insured providers, and ensures all materials are properly and responsibly disposed, according to applicable EH&S considerations.

Let us sort out your solar panel’s recyclables

Recycling solar panels can be difficult because of all of the different materials used to build them. Some of those materials include:

  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Silicon solar cells
  • Metals such as lead and copper
  • Synthetic materials

Don’t try to tear your solar panels apart and recycle the individual materials yourself. Silicon 2 Solar has experience with recycling silicon wafers, so we know how to recycle complex products. Hire us today to recycle your solar panels.